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What To Do When Your Quietside Boiler Goes Quiet

A decade ago a Pacific Rim manufacturer developed a product called the Quietside Boiler and Quietside Water Heater. The typical scenario unfolds with a well-dressed salesperson entering your home with the goal of selling you a product. They may be entirely polite, dressed in a white shirt, and begins to “listen” to your list of wants and needs for a home heating/hot water solution. After the conversation progresses, the salesperson recommends a seemingly cost effective solution that will give you “endless hot water, at a massively reduced cost”. You feel excited at this prospect and sign on the dotted line.

Now let’s fast forward to the first bitterly cold day after the installation. You get up in the morning and the house is unusually cold. You go to where the unit is installed and you’re greeted with a symphony of blinking lights and an increasingly large puddle expanding quickly on the floor. The first reaction most people have is to furiously call the company that installed the product. The person on the phone is extremely empathetic and dispatches a technician to your home.

The technician arrives and goes through the motions of what you believe to be diagnosing the issue, cleaning up the mess and promising that the issue has been resolved. The company honored your warranty and they left you with a feeling of satisfaction. Everything seems to be going well, the unit is functioning well and suddenly, a few months later and the problem happens again. That same feeling of horror and anxiety comes over you as you see the same panel of flashing lights and an even bigger puddle of water soaking through again.quietside

You call back, the technician tells you he must order parts from the manufacturer after being in front of the unit for two hours with a puzzled look on his face. The problem appears to be repaired again. Yet this isn’t the end of the frustration and the annoyance. The company that produced the product is no longer supporting the installers and it seems the Quietside manufacturers have gone quiet.

They have gone out of business. To add insult to injury, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issues a recall November of 2014 stating that the water heaters can overheat, posing a fire hazard. There were over thirty-five reports of units overheating and some that even caused burns on the wall and property damage.

Patriot Water Heater has developed a solution to replace the Quietside unit with a Lancaster, Pennsylvania based company that has designed, engineered, assembled and supported the product. A Burnham gas-condensing boiler manufactured by U.S. Boiler.

We have built an exceptional relationship with the U.S. Boiler company. We have been to the factory, trained at their headquarters and have received invaluable support contacts.  Through this relationship, we are confident in the performance and reliability of the product and always aim to avoid the situation where the customer is left with an unsupported, underperforming product and to alleviate any anxiety that they may have.

We start with the design process to calculate what the heating and hot water demands are for you and your family. We stand by the manufacturer because the manufacturer stands by us. Through this relationship, we can provide excellent products with unparalleled service.


See below for model numbers that are affected:


Tankless Water Heaters





Combi Boiler/Water Heater



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  1. Genevieve Burk
    | Reply

    so what am i supposed to do with my heater/tankless water hearter? I am 75 and I am fighting a second recurrence of lung cancer i have no money to replace it.

  2. Fred b
    | Reply

    Have dpw-120a which has from day one shut down and had to be restarted,usually after several attempts will run. Recently noticed water on floor but can’t find leak. Can this be replaced with something that works?

  3. D Roghair
    | Reply

    what about DPW-120B??

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